2018 Lenten service project focuses on homelessness


Steps to a successful Lenten Project:

1. Distribute copies of the letter from Bishop Rice and the sheet entitled, “Lent: Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving” to all of your PSR and Youth Ministry leaders and catechists. We will be sending a short power point presentation about Eden Village to you via email as well. Please hold a brief meeting with them to introduce our Diocesan Lenten Mission of Mercy and discuss best ways to implement this project and make it successful in your parish.

2. Create a donation receptacle for your parish PSR and Youth Ministry meeting area. Enclosed in this packet you will find 8 1/2 x 11 signs which may be attached to your donation receptacle. It can be something as simple as attaching the signs to a cardboard box or a bucket. But feel free to get creative and make something eye catching for collecting the donations from the children! Children should be encouraged to bring in donations each week when they come to their classroom or meeting space. Please use diocesan guidelines regarding the handling of cash including placing your collection receptacle in a place that is visually monitored at all times (ie. School or PSR Office).

3. Hang the enclosed posters in highly visible places to serve as a reminder to all.

4. Ask each catechist/adult leader to distribute copies of the letter addressed to parents along with the collection envelopes to every child enrolled in your PSR and Youth Ministry programs. Catechists should explain this project to the children and encourage them to discuss it with their families so that they may come up with ways of collecting money at home each week. Remember that the students of the Catholic School or PSR program which bring in the most donations per capita get to suggest names and pick out colors for one of the tiny homes.

5. Please ask catechists to read the sheet entitled, “Lent: Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving” to help them develop coordinating weekly discussions and action responses in their class-rooms and youth group meetings.

6. Discuss some creative but simple possibilities for raising extra donations such as hosting a Simple Soup Potluck Luncheon for families where monetary donations can be gathered during the lunch on behalf of this Lenten Mission of Mercy.

7. All collections should be completed by Friday, March 23 and a final check with the total collection amount from your parish may be made payable to Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau and sent to The Catholic Center.

* If you have any questions about this Diocesan Lenten Mission of Mercy, please contact Kim Brayman – kbrayman@dioscg.org or Lynn Melendez – lmelendez@dioscg.org, (417)866-0841.

* More information on Eden Village may be found at www.gatheringtree.org/eden-village.

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