St. Ann Parish, Malden, MO, Founded 1890

St. Ann Church, Malden, MO (circa 2010)
St. Ann Church, Malden, MO (circa 2010)

General parish info

Contact info
Pastor: Fr. David J. Dohogne

Phone: (573) 328-4544
Mailing address: c/o St. Teresa Parish 40694 State Hwy JJ Campbell, MO 63933-9148


All schedules subject to change. Please call parish offices above to verify.

Weekend Mass times

4 p.m.


varies and by appointment

Updated: 10-21-15



The Catholic church in Malden was first known as St. Patrick’s. Fr. J. J. Furlong, a priest from New Madrid, traveled a circuit to minister to Catholics in Clarkston, Malden, Sikeston, Caruthersville, and East Prairie. He tried to visit each site every two months.

The first Masses in Malden were celebrated in either the Levi Mercantile Company building or the Keene Hotel. Mr. J. S. Levi, a Jewish resident, decided to donate the lot where the first church was built. Another Jewish resident started the fund drive with a donation of $100.00. The new frame church was dedicated to St. Patrick on July 15, 1894.

In 1905, the new pastor, Fr. Frederick R. Peters had the church moved to the corner of Park and Douglas, the present location of the parish. While serving at Malden, Fr. Peters was also responsible for establishing the Catholic colony at Glennonville.

In 1910, the Servite Fathers began 41 years of pastoring the parish. Fr. Bernard Ponce de Leon, OSM, served as pastor from 1910-1934. He is reputed to have been the last male descendant of the “Fountain of Youth” explorer by the same name.

As the parish grew, the frame church was replaced with a brick building in 1925, at which time the name of the parish was changed to St. Ann. The church was completely renovated and restored in 1999.

Priests served

Gosche, Msgr. Joseph E. (Priest in charge), May 11, 1955 – June 14, 1957
Huels, Msgr. Joseph H. (Administraor), Apr. 12, 1954 – June 23, 1957
Leach, Fr. William J. (Priest in charge), D, 1958
Ilmberger, Fr. Clement F., Apr. 20, 1959 – Oct. 3, 1962
Eschbacher, Fr. Jerome J., Oct. 17, 1962 – Aug. 16, 1966
Donovan, Fr. William E., Aug. 17, 1966 – June 14, 1968
Duffner, Fr. Ralph J., June 15, 1968 – June 17, 1969
Shibley, Fr. Amel A., June 18, 1969 – July 14, 1971
Winkelmann, Fr. William P., July 15, 1971 – Oct., 1972
Brownfield, Fr. Frowin V. M., Feb. 1, 1973 – Apr. 30, 1976
Murphy, Fr. John B. CM, D, 1978, 1979-1980, 1980-1981, 1981-1982, 1982-1983
Barry, Fr. Lawrence, SJ, D, 1983 – 1984
Leveillee, Fr. Roger L. (Administrator), May 2, 1984 – Aug. 18, 1986
Kunkel, Fr. Raymond W., Aug. 17, 1989 – Aug. 17, 1992
Carr, Fr. Gary M., Aug. 17, 1989 – May 31, 1990
Seyer, Fr. James A., Aug 17, 1990 – 1991
Thro, Fr. William P., SJ, D, 1991-1992, 1992-1993, 1993-1994, 1994-1995, 1995-1996
Eftink, Fr. Glenn A., Dec. 30, 1996 – June 30, 2009
Dohogne, Fr. David J., July 1, 2009 –

Above is compiled from diocesan archives.
“D” designates information compiled from The Catholic Directory or Year Book.

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GPS coordinates: N36° 33.645’, W089° 58.228’ (click here for map)
Physical Address: St. Ann Church, 304 N Douglass St, Malden, MO

Attended from: Sacred Heart Church, 115 E Market St Dexter, MO 63841-1732

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