St. George Mission Church, Van Buren, MO, Founded 1948

St. George Mission Church, Van Buren, MO (circa 2010)
St. George Mission Church, Van Buren, MO (circa 2010)

General parish info

Contact info
Pastor: Fr. Daniel J. Hirtz

Phone: (573) 247-0277
Mailing address: St. Catherine of Siena Parish, 109 Piedmont Ave., Piedmont, MO 63957-1048

Web site:


Weekend Mass times

8 a.m.

Daily Mass times

5:15 p.m.

Holy Days

5:30 p.m.

Updated: 10-07-16



At first Catholics in the Van Buren area gathered in a variety of locations, including the “Butch” Frazier barber shop in Van Buren. The Trumble family of Van Buren also lent the use of their parlor for the celebration of Mass. One priest brought a trailer to use for a chapel. Until the church was built, the community used the chapel in the Leuckel Funeral Home.

A brick church dedicated to St. George was built on property donated in 1949 by the Leuckel family. It became a mission of St. Catherine in Piedmont in 1962. Soon after that the community was able to acquire a parish center for social fellowship and the religious education of the children.

Priests served

Huels, Msgr. Joseph H., Jun 24, 1957 – Oct 17, 1962
Rolwing, Msgr. Richard C., Oct 17, 1962 – Jun 15, 1965
Kunkel, Fr. Raymond W., Jun 15, 1965 – Aug 18, 1967
Shibley, Fr. Amel A., Aug 19, 1967 – Jul 14, 1971
Hirtz, Fr. Daniel J., Aug 1, 1977 – Aug 17, 1990
Friedel, Fr. John (J.) F., Aug 17, 1990 – Aug 16, 1993
Marquart, Fr. Ernest J., Aug 17, 1993 – Aug 17, 1994
Jones, Fr. Rick L., Aug 1993 – Aug 24, 1994
Rehrauer, Fr. Matthew J., Aug. 24, 1994 – Aug. 10, 2006
Binder, Fr. Mark J., Aug. 10, 2006 – Jun 30, 2013
Chettiyath, Fr. Shoby M., Jul 1, 2013 – Jun 30, 2015
Hirtz, Fr. Daniel J., Jul 1, 2015 –

Above is compiled from diocesan archives.
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GPS coordinates: N36° 59.726’, W091° 00.917’ (click here for map)
Physical address: 205 Ash St, Van Buren, MO

Attended from: St. Catherine of Siena Parish, 109 Piedmont Ave., Piedmont, MO 63957-1048

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