St. Mary Parish, Pierce City, MO, Founded 1883

St. Mary Church, Pierce City, MO (circa 2010)
St. Mary Church, Pierce City, MO (circa 2010)

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Contact info
Pastor: Fr. Peter J. Morciniec
Shelly Wrobleski
RCIA Director:
Jane Kutz
Principal, St. Mary School: Judy Harper (see Parish Related tab)

Phone: (417) 476-2827 • Fax: (417) 476-5827
Mailing address: 200 Front St Pierce City, MO 65723-1263

Weekend Mass times

8:30 a.m.
4 p.m. Vigil Mass

Daily Mass Times

Monday – Friday
Mass times vary.


3 p.m.

Office hours

Tuesday – Friday
8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Updated: 07-19-17


President George W. Bush and Father Peter Morciniec, pastor of St. Mary, met to survey the tornado damage and relief efforts on May 13, 2003.
President George W. Bush and Father Peter Morciniec, pastor of St. Mary, met to survey the tornado damage and relief efforts on May 13, 2003.

In 1870, Catholic Irish, German, and Polish workers on the Frisco railroad were the driving force in establishing Catholic parishes in and around Pierce City.

Before St. Mary’s Parish was established, all Catholics in Lawrence, Barry, and Newton counties worshipped at St. John’s, later renamed St. Patrick’s, the first Catholic church in Pierce City. As more Irish and German and Polish settlers came to the area, the Germans sought to form a parish of their own. Bishop John Hogan of Kansas City gave them permission to do so. Their first church, St. Mary’s, was a remodeled and enlarged Protestant meeting house. When a fire destroyed the building, it was replaced by a frame building. The Polish immigrants eventually formed a Catholic community in Bricefield (now Pulaskifield) in 1892. The Irish and Germans remained in Pierce City.

Around 1895, the Orphan Trains came through Pierce City. Twenty eight children were placed in homes in the area. Many of the parishioners of St. Mary’s are direct descendants of those children.

The present church building was built in 1910 at a cost of $30,000. It was dedicated on March 11, 1913. The lack of priests caused the closing of St. Patrick’s church in 1954. A mission church begun in 1905, St. Michael’s in Wentworth, was closed in 1966. Catholics who attended the latter two churches are now members of St. Mary’s parish. The present rectory, school, and parish hall were built in 1968, the multipurpose building in 1981.

The elementary school was built in 1889, staffed by the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood from O’Fallon, MO, until 1921. For several years afterward the faculty consisted solely of lay teachers. Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis (Nevada, MO) and later, the Vincentian Sisters (Pittsburgh, PA) staffed the school until 1986 when once again a lay faculty replaced the sisters.

On May 4, 2003, a tornado all but destroyed the town. The church sustained minimal damage in comparison to the condition of the buildings on either side of the main road. St. Mary’s church became a unifying presence as a shelter and a center of operation for FEMA and many other organizations working together to provide help for the tornado victims. Surrounding counties and cities as far away as Chicago helped the tornado victims in whatever way they could. After reconstruction and repairs were made to St. Mary’s, the church was rededicated on March 17, 2004.

There have been dark days for the parishioners of St. Mary’s. However, their faith and fortitude continue to work together to realize a new beginning.

Priests served

Brady, Msgr. Thomas, 1908 – Dec, 1916
Engeman, Fr. Leander (Administrator then pastor), Jun 11, 1947 – May 9, 1948; *Pastor, Mar 28, 1949 – Apr 7, 1961
Curran, Fr. Wilfred L., Apr 8, 1961 – Mar 30, 1969
Wendoloski, Fr. Theodore J., Jun 18, 1969 – Jan 5, 1975
Eftink, Msgr. Edward M., Jan 6, 1975 – Jul 31, 1977
Rynish, Msgr. John J., Aug 1, 1977 – Jul 14, 1979
Clavin, Fr. M. Oliver, Jul 15, 1979 – Apr 1, 1984
Chambers, Fr. Leonard R. (Administrator then pastor), Apr 2, 1984 – Dec 28, 1984; *Pastor, Dec 28, 1984 – Aug 18, 1986
Brath, Fr. John A., Aug 19, 1986 – Aug 18, 1991
Bucher, Msgr. Philip A., Aug 19, 1991 – Aug 16, 1993
Duffner, Fr. Ralph J., Aug 17, 1993 – Aug 16, 1995
Hirtz, Fr. Daniel J., Aug 17, 1995 – Aug 17, 1998
Morciniec, Fr. Peter J., Aug 18, 1998 –

Above is compiled from diocesan archives.
“D” designates information compiled from The Catholic Directory or Year Book.

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GPS coordinates: N36° 56.618’, W094° 00.004’ (click here for map)


St. Mary School
200 Front St., Pierce City, MO 65723-1263

Principal: Judy Harper,
Phone: (417) 476-2824, Fax: (417) 476-5103

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