St. Vincent de Paul Parish, Cape Girardeau, MO, Founded 1836

St. Vincent de Paul Church, Cape Girardeau (circa 2010)
St. Vincent de Paul Church, Cape Girardeau (circa 2010)

General parish info

Contact info
Pastor: Fr. Rick L. Jones
Associate Pastor: Fr. Francisco (Paco) J. Gordillo Villamil
Priest in Residence: Fr. Bobby Manso
Coordinator of Youth Ministry: Deacon Robbie R. Huff
Director of CCM at SEMO:
 Deacon Thomas J. Schumer
Finance/Office Manager:
Cheryl Oberhaus
Office staff:
Rose Huff, Beverlyu McMeel, and Debbie Kiblinger
Director SRE:
Kathy Hotop-Raines
RCIA Coordinator: Mark Kiblinger
Music Coordinator:
Leonard Kuper
Principal St. Vincent de Paul School: Kay Glastetter (see ‘Parish related’ tab)

Phone: (573) 335-7667 — Fax: (573) 335-0034
Mailing address: St. Vincent de Paul Church, 1913 Ritter Dr., Cape Girardeau, MO 63701-4530

Web site:


Weekend Mass times

7:30 a.m., 9 a.m., 10:45 a.m., 3 p.m. Spanish
5 p.m.

Daily Mass Times

Monday – Saturday
6:30 a.m.
Thursday & Friday
8 a.m. during school year



Office hours

Monday – Friday

Updated: 11-27-17



The Congregation of the Mission (the Vincentians) began ministering to the Catholics of Cape Girardeau in the spring of 1821. Priests would travel from “The Barrens” in Perryville to celebrate Mass in private homes.

In 1825, Fr. John Timon, CM, was ordained and began his work in Perry and Cape Girardeau counties. The growth of the Catholic community led to the purchase of a plot of land on the riverfront in 1833, but it was not until 1838 that the cornerstone was laid for a new church. The church was dedicated in 1839, but severely damaged by a tornado on Nov. 27, 1850. The indomitable spirit of the congregation prevailed: a new brick church was completed and rededicated in 1853.

German parishioners desired a parish with a priest who could speak their language. St. Louis Archbishop Peter Kenrick granted permission to begin building St. Mary’s in 1868, just a few blocks west of the church of St. Vincent. Both parish families grew steadily.

The Sisters of Loretto at the Foot of the Cross from Nerinx, KY, came to staff St. Vincent school in 1877.

During the 1950s, it became apparent that Cape Girardeau was expanding west of the river. Gradually, members of the parish family of St. Vincent de Paul began moving west also. A new school was built and in 1961, a convent for the Sisters of Loretto was erected along with a rectory for the priests. Then, in 1976, a new church was constructed on property on Forest, adjacent to the rectory. Bishop Bernard F. Law dedicated it on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Priests served

Dyra, Fr. Joseph P., CM, D, 1956, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962
Thompson, Fr. James, CM, D, 1969, 1971
Culligan, Fr. Martin J., CM, D, 1978, 1979-1980, 1980-1981, 1981-1982, 1982-1983, 1983-1984, 1984-1985
Grass, Fr. Kenneth E., CM, D, 1985-1986, 1986-1987, 1987-1988, 1988-1989, 1989-1990, 1990-1991, 1991-1992
Lause, Fr. Richard, CM, D, 1992-1993, 1993-1994, 1994-1995
Ryan, Fr. Milton Fleming, CM, D, 1995-1996, 1996-1997, 1997-1998, 1998-1999, 1999-2000, 2000-2001
Prost, Fr. Charles, CM, Aug. 17, 2001 – Aug.  9, 2006
Hulshof, Fr. David F., Aug 10, 2006 – Jul 5, 2017
Jones, Fr. Rick L., Jul 6, 2017 –

Above is compiled from diocesan archives.
“D” designates information compiled from The Catholic Directory or Year Book.

Parish related

GPS coordinates: N37° 18.913’, W089° 32.716’ (click here for map)

St. Vincent de Paul school
St. Vincent de Paul school

St. Vincent de Paul School
1919 Ritter Dr, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701-4521

Principal: Katy Glastetter,

Phone: (573) 334-9594, Fax: (573) 334-0425
Web site:

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