Annual dinner auction spreads fun in school

The entire student body and staff looks forward every year to the annual Guardian Angel Dinner Auction. Among the auction items at the February 25 event were Principal of the Day, Secretary of the Day, Teacher of the Day, Cooks of the Day, and a VIP student of the week. The bidding on these items usually goes pretty high. The parents/grandparents of Traci Hency (principal), Camryn Lynch (secretary), John Crippen (teacher), Katie Webb (who chose Kennedi McVay to be her co-cook), and Seth Reed (VIP) were the high bidders this year. On March 29, the substitutes took their positions in their prized spots. Hency, as principal, decreed a dress down and flip flop day and a no homework day. Additionally, students did not have to sit at assigned spots or tables in the lunch room and they also got to play bingo after lunch. As secretary, Lynch helped out in the office and assisted students in walking over to the public school for classes. Crippen helped Ann Whistler in instructing her math and history classes. Webb and McVay adorned aprons and chef hats, and aided Mrs. Robin and Mrs. Diebold in making dumplings for the entire student body, faculty, and staff. The food was delicious. As VIP student of the week, Reed enjoyed several perks, including sitting at the teacher’s desk, being exempt from a test of his choosing, and enjoying special snacks and beverages.

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