Missouri Catholic Conference Applauds Passage of Historic Pro-Life Bill, SB-5



CATHOLICS: Support Pro-life Bill SB-5

The Missouri Senate will reconvene Monday, July 24, at 4 p.m. and again on Tuesday morning, July 25, to consider amended SB-5, the strongest pro-life bill to be considered by the Missouri General Assembly in many decades. If the Senate passes SB-5, Governor Greitens has pledged to sign it.

Historic Pro-life Bill voted on July 24 & 25, 2017

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Bishop Edward M. Rice and The Missouri Catholic Conference urges all Catholics to contact their state Senator immediately and urge his or her support of House amended SB-5, the strongest pro-life bill to be considered by the General Assembly in many decades. This legislation will protect the health and safety of women; only physicians licensed in the State of Missouri may perform or induce abortions in an abortion facility in Missouri; ensure that women hear medical information from a doctor before deciding whether to obtain an abortion; requires abortion facilities to have written policies for managing an emergency and transferring patients to a hospital, and much more. To easily send a message to your state Senator, visit www.mocatholic.org. Thank you!

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