Anima Christi ’24


The Knights of Columbus Council at Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, will be leading a Eucharistic pilgrimage, Anima Christi ‘24, across the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau from Joplin to Cape Girardeau, March 10-17, 2024. The traveling pilgrims, accompanied by their chaplains, Fr. Laurent Okitakatshi and Deacon Tom Schumer, will make 21 stops throughout the diocese. Local communities are welcomed to join the pilgrimage in Holy Adoration, Mass, and walking Eucharistic processions. In connection with the national Eucharistic Revival, the purpose of this pilgrimage of faith is to revive within our own diocese greater respect, love, and adoration for our Eucharistic Lord. If you would like to participate or find out more, please scan the QR code on the pilgrimage poster, visit, or contact Jared Koehler at [email protected].


Follow our live feeds, enjoy photos, and testimonials March 10-17 on the diocesan Facebook page:  @DioceseofSpringfield-CapeGirardeau

Anima Christi ’24 – Pilgrim’s Schedule
Soul of Christ, sanctify us!!

Sunday, March 10
– 9am Mass: St. Peter the Apostle Parish, Joplin

– 10am-11am Holy Hour: St. Peter the Apostle

– 1pm- 2pm Holy Hour: St. Joseph Parish, Billings

– 3:30pm- 4:30pm Holy Hour: St. Agnes Cathedral Parish, Springfield

– 5pm Mass: St. Agnes Cathedral

– 6:15pm- 7:15pm:  Walking Eucharistic Procession: St. Agnes to O’Reilly Catholic Center

– 7:30pm Mass: O’Reilly Catholic Center

– 8:30pm Confessions: O’Reilly Catholic Center

– 8:30pm- 7am All Night Adoration: O’Reilly Catholic Center

Monday, March 11
– 9am Mass: Our Lady of the Cove, Kimberling City

– 10am Walking Eucharistic Procession: Kimberling City

– 11am-12pm Holy Hour: Our Lady of the Cove

– 6pm Walking Eucharistic Procession: Holy Trinity Parish, Marshfield

– 7pm Confessions: Holy Trinity Parish

– 7pm-7am All Night Adoration: Holy Trinity Parish

Tuesday, March 12
– 9am Walking Eucharistic Procession: St. Mark Parish, Houston

– 9:45am-10:45am Holy Hour: St. Mark Parish

– 1pm Walking Eucharistic Procession: Hospital to Church, Mountain View

– 2pm Mass: St. John Vianney Parish, Mountain View

– 7pm- Confessions: Sacred Heart Parish, Willow Springs

– 7pm-7am All Night Adoration: Sacred Heart Parish

Wednesday, March 13
– 8am Mass: St. Mary Parish, West Plains

– 10am-11am Holy Hour: St. Mary Parish

– 6pm Walking Eucharistic Procession: St. George Mission, Van Buren

– 7pm Confessions: St. George Mission

– 7pm-7am All Night Adoration: St. George Mission

Thursday, March 14
– 10:30am Mass: St. Michael the Archangel Parish, Fredericktown

– 11:15am Walking Eucharistic Procession: Fredericktown

– 12pm-1pm Holy Hour: St. Michael the Archangel

– 6pm Walking Eucharistic Procession: Sacred Heart Parish, Poplar Bluff

– 7pm Confessions: Sacred Heart Parish

– 7pm-7am All Night Adoration: Sacred Heart Parish

Friday, March 15
– 9:30am Mass: St. Teresa Parish, Glennonville

– 10:15am Walking Eucharistic Procession: St. Teresa School, Glennonville

– 12:30pm Walking Eucharistic Procession: St. Eustachius School, Portageville

– 7pm Confessions: St. Francis Xavier, Sikeston

– 7pm-7am All Night Adoration: St. Francis Xavier

Saturday, March 16
– 9am Mass: St. Denis Parish, Benton

– 9:45am Walking Eucharistic Procession: Benton

– 11am Walking Eucharistic Procession: Guardian Angel Parish, Oran

– 12pm-1pm Holy Hour: Guardian Angel Parish

– 2:45pm-3:45pm Holy Hour: St. Joseph Parish, Scott City

– 7pm Confessions: St. John Henry
Newman Center, Cape Girardeau

– 7pm-7am All Night Adoration: Newman Center

Sunday, March 17
– 9:30am Mass with Bishop Rice: St. John Henry Newman Center, Cape

– 10:45am- 12pm Walking Eucharistic Procession: Newman Center to Cathedral

– 12pm- 12:30pm Adoration: St. Mary Cathedral, Cape Girardeau

– 12:30pm Closing Benediction with Bishop Rice

– 1pm Pilgrim’s Luncheon

Soul of Christ, sanctify us!!