St. Anne Mission Church, Grandin, MO, Founded 1959


St. Anne Mission Church, Grandin, MO (circa 1959)

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It was not until 1878 that Michael and Annie Stack gave a plot of ground on the Doniphan road about three miles from town to Archbishop Kenrick of St. Louis. The deed stipulated that a new St. Benedict Church was to be built on this site.

By 1889, another new St. Benedict Church was completed on a plot of ground from Mrs. Sophia Kegler in the Kegler addition to the town of Doniphan. This remains the site of today’s St. Benedict Church.

The church grew in members, thriving with Irish and Polish farm families until modern farming techniques ended the family farm. The farming families dispersed, looking for new means of employment. Today, the membership hovers at 100 families, supplemented by grown children who return as retirees.

The missionary labor of St. Benedict continued with the building of the mission church, St. Anne in Grandin, in 1959. Fr. Frederick Lutz pastors the Doniphan parish and the mission church, which includes Catholics living in Hunter, Elsinore, and along Ten Mile Creek.

On July 31, 2005, Bishop Leibrecht celebrated the Mass of Thanksgiving. In August of 2005, St. Anne Mission Church was closed.

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