St. Augustine Parish, Kelso, MO

St. Augustine Church, Kelso, MO. (Photos by G. Eckl)

Phone & FAX: (573) 264-4106
Mailing address: PO Box 26, Kelso, MO 63758-0026

Pastor: Fr. Tomasz Wilk, OSPPE,
Administrative Assistant: Janice Burger
Bookkeeping: Cindy Johnston
RCIA Director: Gary Ziegler
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Also attends to St. Joseph Parish, Scott City, MO

St. Augustine Catholic School

PO Box 97, 230 S Messmer St. Kelso, MO 63758-0097
Principal: Katie Hendricks,
Phone: (573) 264-4644, Fax: (573) 264-1475


Devout and faithful settlers of the early village of Kelso were finding it increasingly difficult to attend Mass at surrounding parishes and hoped to establish a parish of their own. Fr. Sosthenes Kleiser, pastor of St. Mary’s Church, Cape Girardeau suggested, that they first open a Catholic school. The church would follow. He recommended a teacher and the school was opened in the fall of 1877.

In the spring of 1878, 31 families met with Fr. Kleiser to discuss the possibility of building a church. The building was completed in six months and Fr. Kleiser became the first pastor. The first Mass was celebrated with Fr. Kleiser on Nov. 3, 1878.

Fr. Kleiser stayed on as a beloved pastor until August 1882 when Fr. A. J, Kleinschnittger, or Fr. Klein as he came to be known, was assigned as the new pastor. The congregation soon outgrew the small wood frame church. On April 23, 1889, the parishioners built a new church. It had been designed by Br. Adrian, OSF, a renowned St. Louis architect.

On Aug. 28, 1890, the feast of St. Augustine, parishioners traveled in wagons to take part in the dedication of the new church. Vicar General Brady dedicated the new church, naming St. Augustine as its patron saint. The church was remodeled in September 1948. Then, on June 27, 1979, work began on the restoration of the church to its original design with a few modern changes. Seven months later, the parish family again gathered for a rededication ceremony. Over the years the parish has undergone many changes, including the addition of other buildings and the coming and going of many talented and dedicated pastors. The faithful devotion of the parishioners of St. Augustine Parish has remained constant. Today, the parish is home to more than 440 families.

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GPS coordinates: N37° 11.408’, W089° 32.993’ (click here for map)
Physical address: St. Augustine Church, 211 S Messmer, Kelso, MO

St. Augustine School
PO Box 97, 230 S Messmer St.
Kelso, MO 63758-0097

Principal: Katie Hendricks,

Phone: (573) 264-4644, Fax: (573) 264-1475
Web site: