St. Michael Mission Church, Cabool, MO

St. Michael Mission Church — Mountain Grove, MO. (Photo by G. Eckl)

Address: 525 Pine St., Cabool, MO
Mailing address: Sacred Heart Church, 302 E State St., Mountain Grove, MO 65711


Pastor: The Very Rev. Leo Arockiasamy, HGN, [email protected]

Attended from Sacred Heart, Mountain Grove, MO


St. Michael’s is the oldest existing mission church in the diocese. It was originally under the care of St. Joseph in White Church. Some members of the German settlers who arrived in White Church eventually made their way to Cabool as early as 1852.

Until the construction of a church, Mass and the sacraments were celebrated in a hall on Main Street. After that building was destroyed by fire, liturgies were held in the home of Henry Hengel on Pine Street. It was in that house that the marriage of Henry Hengel to Mary Bauch took place on Aug. 1, 1885. The first church was a box-like structure that eventually had a tower and sacristy added. The present church was built in 1971.

Although the church serves only 25 households–about 40 baptized Catholics–its attendance swells with visitors, hunters, and vacationers who come through the area every year. St. Michael’s “Mother Church” is Sacred Heart Parish in Mountain Grove.

A priest from Springfield now serves the parishioners’ spiritual needs. The everyday running of the parish is taken care of by a parish life coordinator and the parishioners, who have stepped up to the task of helping in any way they can.

Weekend Mass time:

4 p.m.

3:30 p.m.