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Role of the Office

Catholic education in the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau is a major ministry in the life of the Church. Those involved in the Catholic educational ministry take their role seriously as they prepare young people for their future life in the Church and society. The school administrators, faculty, and staff carry on this mission by providing educational experiences that promote academic excellence and spiritual and moral formation for the students.

Our schools seek to embrace the five essential marks of a Catholic school.

They should be:

– Inspired by a supernatural vision

– Founded on a Christian anthropology

– Animated by communion and community

– Imbued with a Catholic worldview throughout the curriculum

– Sustained by a Gospel witness

Every school community is to proclaim the message of the Gospel and encourage the building of a faith community among students, faculty, administrators, parents and parishioners. The Catholic schools will assure quality Catholic education by maintaining high standards both in teaching and learning.


Deacon Rob Huff

Deacon Rob Huff


Debra Owensby

Debra Owensby

Administrative Assistant

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