Second Collection for Ukraine – Knights of Columbus Ukraine Fund

A Diocesan-Wide Effort

Together, our Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau raised $139,930 from our second collections during Mass to help fund the great work of the Knights of Columbus in Ukraine. We are grateful to you, our parishioners, for your generosity through the gifts of both prayer and monetary support. We hope that you continue to pray for the success of the Knights in Ukraine, for an end to war, and for a return to peace, unity, and above all, Jesus Christ. Thank you for your contributions and continued prayer!

A Letter from Supreme Knight, Patrick E. Kelly

April 16, 2022

My brother Knights:

On this Holy Saturday, I want to share with you this inspiring video with the stirring words of a brother Knight, the Venerable Servant of God Fulton J. Sheen: “How can we celebrate Easter in a world that is like a Good Friday?”

The past two years, and especially the past two months, have certainly felt like Good Friday as our world has grappled with the devastating COVID-19 pandemic and watched with horror the atrocities unfolding amid Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Yes, there can be no doubt that “evil has its hour.”

But evil does not have the last word. And I am immensely proud that Knights of Columbus never sit silently in the face of evil. Knights always answer evil — in prayer and in action. We saw that when Knights resolved to leave no neighbor behind, reaching out to those in need during the pandemic. This Holy Week, I have seen it firsthand, visiting Knights in Poland and Ukraine who are working heroically to provide relief to refugees and families displaced by the war.

On Monday, April 11, I had the opportunity to meet with Pope Francis and discuss the good work being done by Knights of Columbus in response to the war. I also presented to him an Easter basket, representative of the 10,000 Easter care packages that have been assembled by Polish Knights and delivered to the suffering people of Ukraine to help them celebrate Easter. The Holy Father was moved by this expression of Christian charity and by all the good works made possible by the Order’s Ukraine Solidarity Fund. At the conclusion of the audience, Pope Francis emphatically expressed his appreciation, saying “Go on! Go on! Go on!” while making a gesture of a heart open to others.

My brother Knights, the Holy Father’s message to “Go on!” with an open heart is as much for you as it is for me. And “Go on!” we will, undeterred by the spiritual battle which rages around us and our families. “Evil has its hour — but God will have His day!”
On behalf of all the Supreme Officers with whom I am privileged to serve and lead the Order, I wish you and your loved ones every grace and blessing this Easter. Let us rejoice in our Risen Savior, and renew our commitment to radiate His love into a world more in need of it than ever.


Patrick E. Kelly

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