Office of the Chancellor


The Chancellor serves as both the chief notary and secretary of the diocesan curia (c. 482-485).

He or she is the principal record-keeper of the diocese and is responsible for maintaining the security, integrity, and confidentiality of documents, including maintaining the diocesan archives in accordance with Canon Law (c.486 – 491).

Acts of the Bishop and Vicar General, which of their nature are designed to have a juridical effect must, as a requirement for validity, be signed by the Chancellor or a notary (c 483).

The Chancellor has additional duties at the discretion of the bishop.


Email:    Phone: (417) 866-0841   Fax: (417) 866-1140

Deacon Rob Huff, Chancellor

Deacon Rob Huff serves as the diocesan Superintendent of Catholic Schools and Chancellor of the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau. 

Kim Brayman, Assistant to Chancellor

Kim Brayman has served at the Catholic Center for 5 years…