Natural Family Planning (NFP)

Modern Natural Family Planning is 100% natural and up to 99% effective as a family planning method. Learn how NFP benefits a couple’s relationship -including the nearly non-existent divorce rate among NFP-practicing couples.

What Is Natural Family Planning (NFP)?

Would you like to learn more about NFP? Natural Plan offers an opportunity to preview the different methods of NFP and explains the health benefits for individuals and relationship benefits for couples who practive NFP. The video presentations features doctors, scientists, NFP teachers, and couples who are new to NFP or are practicing NFP. This introductory program is informative, entertaining and life-changing. More information may be found at


Natural Family Planning Classes

The Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau requires Natural Family Planning classes as part of the comprehensive Marriage Preparation process to be married at any of the Catholic parishes in our diocese.  This is in addition to our 5-week Marriage Preparation classes.  Research has shown that couples who practice Natural Family Planning have much higher satisfaction in their married life and the divorce rate for those couples is much lower.

Engaged couples may choose from any of the programs listed below.

Options for Natural Family Planning Classes

Personal Coaching/Classes

Patty and John Straus

Personalized instruction for all couples.
Sympto-Thermal Method (STM) of NFP
Through Couple – Couple League
(417) 840-5494 or [email protected]
Cost: $135 plus shipping and handling per couple. This covers three full courses typically one month apart and includes materials such as a student guide, chart booklet, thermometer, and online chart app. for 6 months, e-newsletter, and lifetime consultations, and Family Foundations magazine. Couples can also join online classes this would be the same as a face-to-face class. This would allow couples the flexibility to choose different schedules while still receiving personal attention. Springfield Area.


Mercy is pleased to offer the Creighton Model Fertility Care System –  a scientifically based family planning system that Is effective and natural. The system is used by couples to avoid or achieve pregnancy and/or by women to track their reproductive health based on the observation of certain biomarkers within the menstrual cycle. The journey begins with a private or group Introductory session. After the Introductory session, If you choose to use the method, there are a series of individual private follow-ups provided. This personal approach helps you better understand your cycle and gain confidence in the system. Virtual sessions are available for those couples within the Diocese.  For more information or to begin this amazing journey in better understanding your fertility, please call Mercy Fertility Care Services at 314 991 0327 or visit their website by clicking here. 

Melissa Coello, RN, MSN, FCP
Mosaic FertilityCare
[email protected]

Creighton Model FertilityCare with referral to Naprotechnology Physicians (St. Louis) available. Comprehensive fertility charting program based on your individual needs.

Teaching is available in Cape Girardeau and online. Private Introductory session $35, Materials and 8 individual follow-up sessions (over a year) $325.

Please visit my Facebook page Mosaic FertilityCare for more information. Also, see for more information on Creighton Model FertilityCare.

Marca Stephens, FCP

The Creighton Model System is a holistic reproductive health care system that can be used to achieve pregnancy, avoid pregnancy, or monitor fertility. Every woman in every stage of her reproductive life deserves to understand her fertility and how to appreciate and care for it. Often cycle issues are treated with the birth control pill which masks symptoms rather than addressing the problem. The Creighton Model System and NapRo Technologies seek to treat the underlying causes of cycle irregularities and infertility. It is also a natural, moral, and reliable form of family planning that can be used with regular and irregular cycles and even while breastfeeding. At this time FertilityCare Center of the Ozarks is offering FREE Introductory sessions, start-up materials are just $30.00, and each follow-up session is $30.00. To receive more information or register for an introductory session call Marca Stephens FCP at 573-247-8624 or email [email protected]

Andrea Carroll 

Andrea is an NFP instructor with the Boston Cross Check group. She offers services to couples locally in the Jackson/Cape-Girardeau area and via Online meetings. Boston Cross Check is a USCCB recognized national provider teaching a Sympto-Thermal-Hormonal approach to charting for family planning. Three different programs are available: Method Instructional Program (Regular Cycles), Postpartum Phase, and Perimenopause. Check her personal website for more information:  


Online Classes

The Marriage Group
Natural Family Planning
Cost: $50 per couple
Natural Family Planning Course – The Marriage Group

Cost: $110 – $135 per couple

Couple – Couple League
Art of NFP® Home Study Course,
Sympto-Thermal Method (STM) of NFP
Cost: $160 per couple

NFP International
Symptothermal Method Plus Eco-Breastfeeding
Couples learn all the fertility signs (mucus temperature and cervix) plus the natural spacing of births with ecological breastfeeding. The cross-checking method is highly effective for postponing pregnancy.
Cost: $80 per couple
The course is offered online [email protected] or call (740)457-9663