Norms & Policies for Parish Pastoral Council

‘Norms for the Parish Pastoral Council’ echos diocesan Mutually Shared Vision

PROMULGATION — Diocesan staffers Janet L. Smith, Nick Lund-Molfese, Leslie Anne Eidson, Lynn Melendez, and Fr. Shoby Chettiyath, V.G., joined Bishop Edward M. Rice for the signing of the “Decree Promulgating the Norms for the Parish Pastoral Council” at The Catholic Center on Nov. 18, 2020. Following the comprehensive process of consultation with all the priests of the diocese, Bishop Rice tasked the various directors at the chancery for a renewal of the norms in line with the pastoral needs and practices of the current day in order to move the Church of Southern Missouri away from its more “maintenance” mode of operation to a more “mission” mindset to better meet our diocesan priorities of 1) Growing in Holiness; 2) Forming Intentional Disciples; and 3) Being Sent to Witness. (Photo by Sarah Pittman/The Mirror)

The Decree Promulgating Norms for the Parish Pastoral Council may be found here.

The Norms for Parish Pastoral Councils may be found here.

WATCH the introductory video for Norms for Parish Pastoral Councils by Bishop Rice here.