The Cursillo® Movement pursues two purposes or objectives. The immediate purpose is to provide a conduit for living what is fundamental for being a Christian, namely, the on-going and total conversion of the person. The end purpose is to vertebrae Christianity in society by means of these persons who live what is fundamental for being Christian (the love of God and neighbor) in their daily lives.

Simply explained, the purpose of the Cursillo Movement is that we become the Good News, and that our actions naturally turn out to be evangelical in our daily lives.

Upcoming Cursillo Weekends in the Diocese:

Women's Weekends

Date:  September 5-8, 2024
ocation: Carthage,  MO

Date: November 21-24, 2024
Location: Fredericktown, MO


Men's Weekends

      Date:  October 24-27, 2024
Location: Carthage, MO

Date: December 5-8, 2024
Location: Fredericktown, MO

*In order to attend a Cursillo weekend, one must be sponsored by an active Cursillista. If a potential candidate does not know any Cursillistas, please contact Rick Horrell.

For more information about Cursillo in the diocese, contact any of the Cursillistas listed on the Secretariat below.

The National Cursillo USA may be found here.


School of Leaders


School of Leaders is a gathering of Cursillistas who want to further their knowledge of the Cursillo Movement. During School of Leaders, there is time for Leaders Group Reunion, a short presentation about an aspect of Cursillo by a Lay Cursillista, a short presentation by a Clergy when possibly, and time for work of the Sections. School of Leaders is open to anyone who has made a 3-day Cursillo weekend, and is strongly encouraged for those interested in serving as a team on a future weekend.

School of Leaders is for EVERYONE who has attended Cursillo, but especially those who wish to help on a Cursillo weekend.

Cursillo School of Leaders

St. Vincent Parish – Cape Girardeau, MO – Second Wednesday at 6:30pm
To attend via Zoom, send us a message!

Southern Missouri Cursillo Secretariat

Diocesan Cursillo Coordinator: Rick Horrell

Spiritual Advisor: Fr. David Coon

Treasurer: Dale Gerecke

Secretary: Betsy Mell

Pre-Cursillo: Diane Himmelberg

Three-Day:    Dennie Ruch 

Post-Cursillo: Steve Harter

School of Leaders: Dan Williams

Regional Service Team Member: Sharon Essner