Office of Faith Formation

Role of the Office



To provide support and encouragement for the parishes and all people of God in the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau as they actualize the three priorities of the Diocesan Mutually Shared Vision: “grow in holiness, form intentional disciples, and sent to witness”.




  • Aid the bishop in his role as head of the community and teacher of doctrine
  • Assist in planning and evaluation for evangelization through catechetical ministry in the diocese
  • Promote the formation of catechists and ministry leaders
  • Collaborate with all offices of the Catholic Center in evangelization and faith formation efforts

Information about our upcoming events and important dates to remember.

Upcoming Events

Offices of Evangelization & Faith Formation


Simply explained, the purpose of the Cursillo Movement is that we become the Good News, and that our actions naturally turn out to be evangelical in our daily lives.

Be sure to check out this organization’s page HERE for more information.

Upcoming Events:

Location: Fredericktown, MO – Pinecrest Camp and Conference Center

  • Women’s Weekend – November 17-20, 2022
  • Men’s Weekend – December 1 – 4, 2022

The Diocesan Office of Evangelization and Catechesis supports catechetical leaders (CRE’s and DRE’s) in their ministry with children and families. We are here to assist you in a variety of ways. Read More.

The Office of Evangelization and Catechesis supports catechists and parents in forming the faith of all family members by providing recommendations for curriculum, resources, best practices, etc. Read more.

Resources for Family & Child Faith Formation

Guidelines and Resources for Catechetical Leaders and Youth Ministers

Click Here to access, download, or print a copy of the guidelines and resources for Catechetical Leaders and Youth Ministers.


Fall 2022 Deanery Meeting Resources

We introduced the following resources to help you start the 2022-2023 PSR/YM/family catechetical year at this year’s fall deanery meeting.  You will find guided Holy Hours for children ages 7 years to 18 years, the National Eucharistic Revival flier timelines, and our diocesan East to West pilgrimage.  Read more.


Whole Family Catechesis

Catechist Tools

Teaching Prayers English / Spanish

Video teachings by Bishop Edward Rice to be viewed by those preparing for the sacrament, their parents, and catechists.

Catechesis & Persons with Disabilities

The diocesan resource library has adaptive kits parishes or parents can borrow for First Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation preparation.  The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy program is also available to borrow. This is a comprehensive religion curriculum designed to help parents and catechists in their task of teaching special children and adults about the Catholic faith. The program may be used in a variety of religious education settings: parish religious education, either in an inclusive classroom or in a specialized setting. It may also be used in the home for family catechesis.

Learn more about the adaptive kits from Loyola Press.

Resources for Inclusive Catechesis

Resources from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops concerning persons with disabilities

Approved Catechetical Texts

Conformity Listing of Catechetical Texts (March 2021): The USCCB maintains a list of catechetical texts that are found to be in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church and are the only ones approved for use within the parishes of our diocese.Note: They currently do not review video or other digital platforms. Please consult recommendations made by the diocesan office for digital materials that are approved for use in our diocese.

Publishers Sales Representatives: A sales representative from a specific publishing company will often be able to assist in the selection of appropriate materials for a parish.

Diocesan Curriculum Recommendations: A list of recommended catechetical curriculum and materials that utilize various combinations of textbooks and digital platforms. They are also adaptable to a family centered catechetical approach.

Helpful Forms

Waiver Adult English / Spanish – to be used for activities being held away from parish facilities

Waiver Youth English / Spanish – to be used for activities being held away from parish facilities

Volunteer Driver Form

Respect Life

For additional information and resources, please visit the Respect Life Office.

The Office of Evangelization and Catechesis promotes and develops adult faith formation by offering a variety of options and opportunities for adult learners, and assists parishes with methods and materials for adult learning.

Adult Faith Formation

The Office of Evangelization and Catechesis promotes and develops adult faith formation by offering a variety of options and opportunities for adult learners, and assists parishes with methods and materials for adult learning. For more information about any of these programs contact the office.

Please check our Diocesan Resource Library for materials that may be used in Adult Faith Formation.

Franciscan University Online Catechetical Institute also offers many wonderful online workshops which may be used in small or large group Adult Faith Formation settings. All parishioners have FREE access to this site. Be sure to register for your own personal account and begin searching through hundreds of workshops available for your use.

Additional resources for Adult Faith Formation may be found through various Catholic publishing companies such as:

Little Rock Scripture Study Library

Free Online Leadership Training

Little Rock Scripture Study’s free online training produces confident and competent facilitators, the foundation for successful Bible study.  Download free leadership training material at 

Coordinator’s Manual – A step-by-step planning guide filled with practical tips for publicity, registration, and conducting training sessions.The enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff of LRSS is available to answer questions. You may also contact Lynn Melendez, Office of Evangelization and Catechesis, at 417-866-0841 or

Each year parishes welcome thousands of new Catholics to the Church through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). Read More.

Each year during Lent, Bishop Edward Rice issues a special invitation to all of the children of the diocese to join him in a collaborative work of mercy. To learn about this year’s beneficiary or past projects, Read more.

Lenten Youth Mission


Each year during Lent, Bishop Edward Rice issues a special invitation to all of the children of the diocese to join him in a collaborative work of mercy. Donations are collected and moments of prayer are offered in the Catholic Schools and in Parish Schools of Religion in an effort to help the poor, the marginalized, or those in need of special assistance during a time of crisis in their life. A specific community organization, in a designated area of the diocese, is chosen as a recipient of the donations collected each year.

This year, the beneficiary of our annual Lenten Youth Mission of Mercy will be Mother’s House, located in Hayti, MO.

Mother’s House

Mother’s House is an outreach center, run by the Glenmary Sisters, that is focused on supporting low-income women who are caring for young children in Pemiscot County.  Besides the biological mothers, many of these women are foster mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and great grandmothers, who for one reason or another find themselves caring for children without adequate resources. 

Mother’s House Provides:

  • Diapers and pull-ups once a month
  • Items, such as wipes, bottles, clothing, and blankets, available as needed
  • Other items, such as baby beds, baby swings, and other furnishings, available if they have them on hand

Letter from Bishop Rice

A Letter to Parents from Bishop Edward Rice

A Letter to Parents from Bishop Edward Rice (SPANISH)

Catechetical Resources

2022 Catechetical Resource

2022 School Steps

2022 Parish Steps

Promotional Materials

2022 Poster

2022 Sign for Donations

Sending Donations

  • All donations should be collected by Easter Sunday, April 17th.
  • Make one check payable to: Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau.
  • Please send to: Diocesan Office of Evangelization and Catechesis

All questions and comments may be directed to:

For Parishes & PSR:
Sr. Janine Tran –
Shasta Beckers –

For Schools:
Debra Owensby –

Past Lenten Youth Missions of Mercy

Past efforts have contributed to the following organizations:

Offers ongoing formation for every member of a parish and/or school, including: clergy, catechetical leaders and catechists, youth ministers, RCIA teams, school faculty and staff, Hispanic Ministry teams, and even parents. All of the workshops can be accessed in the comfort of your own home.

Franciscan Univ. Online Catechetical Institute

Catholic school administration and teachers, parish ministry leaders, and catechists are asked to complete the workshops in their designated Learning Track to receive Catechetical Certification through Franciscan University and the Diocesan Office of Evangelization, Catechesis, and Youth Formation. Other individuals may scroll through the complete list of available workshops and select the topic that most interests them to begin learning more about the Catholic faith and the evangelical mission of the Church.

To know more about the complete Diocesan Catechetical Certification Process, please click here to download the handbook.

To set up your individual account:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to “Register Online”
  3. Click on “My parish or school is already registered, and I would like to set up my individual free account under that institution”
  4. Click on “create a new account” in blue lettering
  5. Fill in all of the required information. You will be asked to upload a photo of yourself in this information area but it is not required. If you do not have a picture of yourself, you may upload any image for now and you can come back to update your account with a different photo later. Click on “Create a new account” at the bottom of the screen when all information is complete.
  6. You will be asked to search for your diocese (Springfield-Cape Girardeau) and your parish/school in drop down lists. ***Members of mission churches will have access through their affiliated main parish. (ie. members of St. Leo, Ava will sign up through Immaculate Heart Parish, Mansfield.)
  7. A confirmation email will be sent to you and you will be able to access your account.
  8. On your Catechetical Institute dashboard, you will see all workshops listed in the lower right hand corner.
  9. For those wanting to work on certification as a catechists or youth minister, you will see 2 sets of tracks, “Institution Track” with the words, “Springfield-Cape Girardeau” under it. and you will also see “Franciscan Track”. Please USE the “INSTITUTION TRACK” list and open the appropriate learning track (Catholic Schools, Catechist, RCIA, or Youth Minister Track). Even if you are not ready to begin work on the track, please open it as if you were going to begin working. The diocesan office is then able to mark completed equivalency courses (those courses you may have previously completed in Echoes of Faith which would replace certain courses in the Franciscan University online Catechetical Institute).
  10. Teachers, PSR catechists, and Youth Ministers working toward certification, please be sure to request a mentor when you begin working. All others will be able to use the workshops without a mentor.

To assist parishes and schools, the resource library contains samples of catechetical texts and accompanying materials. This library also maintains a variety of other print material (preschool through adult, including parish ministry resources) that are available for borrowing. For more information and directions for accessing the library,

Diocesan Resource Library

To assist parishes and schools, the resource library contains samples of catechetical texts and accompanying materials. This library also maintains a variety of other print material (preschool through adult, including parish ministry resources) that are available for borrowing.  The Office of Evangelization and Catechesis assists parishes and schools with the textbook selection process. Samples can be delivered directly to the parish or school upon request.  Catechetical texts for children in parish religious education programs and diocesan schools must be in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

If you are unable to visit the resource library in person, most of the catechetical resources are available online to browse and to request for checkout.

To access the online library, please CLICK HERE or click the book icon. Please be sure to save the link in your favorites.

Obtaining your login credentials and navigating the library system

Once you are on the patron login page, you will use your email (the one you typically use to receive diocesan emails) and click ‘need password’. Libib will email you your password and you can then continue your login.

To checkout a book, click on the picture of the book and then click ‘add hold’ in the bottom left corner of the new box. We will receive an email notification that you have placed a hold. We will then pull the book to complete the checkout process and mail it to you (free of charge) or you may stop by the Catholic Center to pick it up. The checkout period is 30 days.

If your email does not allow you to request a password, please try using any other email addresses at which you receive diocesan emails. If none of them work, please email or call Shasta Beckers at (417) 866-0841 for additional help.

Some helpful hints while using the library:

1. The ‘patron page’ button on the left hand side allows you to view your lending history and edit your profile.

2. Also on the left hand side are various “Libraries” that will help narrow your search.

3. Along the top, you can search, reverse the sort order of the titles, and narrow your search using ‘tags’ for various categories (e.g., 5th grade, Confirmation, family, RCIA, Spanish, etc.). In addition, you can click on a letter of the alphabet to search titles that start with only that letter.

Do you need help funding your parish or school events? Do you want to attend an event, but need financial help? Would you like to take some classes or attend a conference to improve your knowledge of Catholic teachings?

Grant Opportunities

Scroll down for links to the GRANT forms.

The Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau has special funds available:
Diocesan Youth Endowment Fund Grant
* For parishes and schools, to support ministries or for individuals to attend camps or conferences
Diocesan Lay Endowment Fund Grant
* For adults to use for lay ministry training

Diocesan Youth Endowment Fund

The main objective of the Diocesan Youth Endowment Fund is to support those activities which: create opportunities for youth and families to encounter Christ, provide more effective ways of accompanying youth and families in their faith formation, and prepare them as intentional missionary disciples. The Diocesan Youth Endowment Committee will continue to pray, seek input from parish leaders, and discern carefully the priorities for ministering to youth and their families. May our good and gracious God continue to bless all of the generous donors and guide the endeavors of parishes, schools, and the diocese in ministering to youth and their families.

Parishes and Schools

Parishes and schools may use this form for:
* New Faith Formation/Evangelization initiatives in Catholic High School
* Guest speaker presentations or retreats in Catholic grade schools
* Guest speaker presentations or retreats in parishes
* Youth Adventure Program Retreats/Lock-ins
* Funding for Youth Ministry program subscriptions (ie. Lifeteen, YDisciple)
* Resources/Supplies for faith formation and youth ministry programs – books, online resources, computer/smart tv, etc.
~ Application for GROUP/PARISH/SCHOOL Grant Assistance

Individual Youth

Individuals may use this form for assistance with:
* National Conferences, Institutes (ie. NCYC, Notre Dame Institute, etc.)
* Camps (ie. Life Teen Camp)
* Steubenville Conference
* Camp Re-NEW-All
* Camp Barnabas
* March for Life Pilgrimage
Check the application for deadlines.
~Application for INDIVIDUAL Grant Assistance 

Lay Endowment Grant Fund for Adults

The Endowment Fund for Lay Leadership is a fund to promote continuing Catholic education and formation among the laity of the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau. Read more.

When seeking answers to questions about doctrine and/or ministry practices, it is often helpful to turn to resources from the Vatican, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and other National Ministry organizations. Find direct links to these resources.

All adults, age 18 and older, who are working or volunteering with minor age children, must be compliant with the Diocesan Safe Environment Policies.

Safe Environment

Safe Environment Requirements for Adults Working and Volunteering with Children

  1. Fill out and submit a Background Check form
  2. Register for and attend a Virtus training class (in person or online options) – Calendar of upcoming classes
  3. Read, sign, and submit a copy of the Diocesan Code of Conduct, annually (2022 – 2023 Code of Conduct)

For more information on all Diocesan Safe Environment Policies, Guidelines, and Requirements, Read More.

To access #1 and #2 above, please visit the Office of Child & Youth Protection under the Prevention and Protection tab. The documents may be found there.


Safe Environment Lessons

Each child, grades Kindergarten through Twelve, enrolled in parish religious education programs and/or Catholic schools is to be taught two safe environment lessons annually.  Parish catechetical leaders and Catholic school principals log on to their Virtus accounts to access the introductory video.  You can find more information on these lessons under the TRAINING tab on the Office of Child and Youth Protection page. Contact the Office of Child and Youth Protection for help.


Sr. Janine Tran, CMR

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Director |

Shasta Beckers

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